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Pediatric Chiropractic at Siraguso Family Chiropractic

During the birthing process, the spine undergoes trauma. Many children don’t show any negative effects; assessment by a pediatric chiropractor must be a high priority. By checking your child as early as possible, corrections can be made to prevent problems from becoming permanent.

Pediatric chiropractic treatment means your child’s body will move correctly and function as it is meant to do. Our bodies know what’s needed for our health; a healthy nervous system is the key to better health for a lifetime.

Infant being adjustedChiropractic is natural healthcare for children. No parent wants their child to be dependent on drugs and chemicals as they grow and mature. Regular chiropractic visits allow their bodies to do what they’re meant to – grow, thrive and meet their milestones.

Problems can appear in the growth process at any time. They can be a result of trauma or injury, disease, nutritional deficiencies or hereditary. This is especially true as crawling and walking present structural changes. Toddlers often fall awkwardly while learning to walk. Children running and playing games often put stress on their bodies.

Our goal is to minimize these negative forces while helping your child’s body gain the strength it needs to cope with them. Pediatric chiropractic adjusts the alignment of their spine and skeletal system to relieve pressure and stress on their nervous system.

We don’t adjust your child like an adult; there’s no cracking or popping! It’s a very gentle, painless procedure; much like a structured massage. After the adjustment, their spine is straighter, allowing for better movement. The better they move, crawl, walk or run, the more they will thrive.

Children love chiropractic! Once they realize it doesn’t hurt, they respond quickly and well to their adjustments. Before you know it, all that natural energy will be back!

We love treating children but, at times, they can come into the office with some fear. Not so surprising as many of their medical doctor visits involve shots!

For some of our older children, it can take several visits before they are comfortable enough for us to work with them. One of our grateful moms actually gifted us with a “Chiropractic Bear” to use. The bear makes clicking sounds, simulating an actual adjustment.

Doctor adjusting girl on tableA young mother brought her 3-month-old daughter to the practice with horrible constipation. The only way the child was able to move her bowels was through manual intervention. Dr. Siraguso diagnosed the child with a nervous condition. It caused her to tuck her pelvis in to stop herself from going.

After some time doing this, it became a psychological condition and the child was afraid to move her bowels. After 3 weeks of chiropractic treatment, the child was able to start going on her own. She continues to do well with no ill effects from her ordeal.

We have had success with many other pediatric conditions:

  • Colic
  • Bed wetting
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Scoliosis
  • Asthma/allergies
  • Sleep issues and more

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